German Defense Exports To Saudi-coalition Fighting in Yemen Exceeds $1 Billion in 2019

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  • 11:19 AM, June 17, 2019
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German Defense Exports To Saudi-coalition Fighting in Yemen Exceeds $1 Billion in 2019
German firm Rheinmetall's MAN RMMV military trucks

Germany’s defense hardware exports to Saudi-coalition participating in the Yemen conflict for the first six months of 2019 stands at $1.1 billion (1 bilion Euro),  according to a report published by the Economy Ministry.

Berlin has reportedly approved 56 contracts to Saudi, Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE), the alliance of Arab states fighting Houthi rebels from 1 January to 5 June, 2019.

While the biggest importer of German arms is Egypt with contracts signed with Germany of the tune of $899.2 million (801.8 million Euro); deals with UAE amounted to $29.2 million (26.1 million Euro), reports German Press Agency (DPA).

The contracts include 2 defense deals signed with Riyadh at a time when Germany imposed bans to restrict exports to the middle-eastern country. Ulrich Nussbaum, a senior official in the ministry, said the deals included nearly $1 million (831,000 Euro) worth of armoured vehicles.

Germany had imposed a partial arms embargo on countries involved in the Yemen conflict. Following the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last October, Berlin imposed a total ban against German exports to Riyadh. The ban was recently partially lifted in response to pressure from Britain and France.

Last week, there were reports that suggested that Berlin may block a hard-won deal by France's Naval Group to supply 2 Gowind Corvettes worth $841 million (750 million Euro) to the UAE. The corvettes have earlier been sold to Egypt when it bought French Rafale fighter jets two years ago.

Saudi was reportedly looking to acquire military trucks from Rheinmetall for $154 million (136 million Euro) in March.  In February, Germany and the UK were at loggerheads over the former blocking the export of MBDA’s Meteor long range air-to-air missile for use on Saudi Arabia’s Eurofighter Typhoons. The contract was estimated to be worth $1 billion. 

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