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08:20 AM, June 25, 2019
EuroSpike Secures €40 Million Spike Missile Deal with Estonia
SPIKE 5th Generation Precision Tactical Missile

German-Israeli firm EuroSpike has bagged a €40 million deal to supply Spike anti-tank missiles to the Estonian army.

The first missiles will be delivered to the Estonian army in the beginning of 2020.  The agreement is for delivery of missiles over seven years, Globes reported Monday.

“The number of missiles to be procured can be increased according to requirements and the operational needs of the Estonian army,” Globes reported quoting defense sources as saying Monday.

EuroSpike is jointly owned by Israeli company Rafael, and German companies Rheinmetall Group and Diehl Defense. The missiles have been developed by Rafael and are being marketed by the German companies.

The Spike is an anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead. It has a range of about 4 kilometres. The Spike is available in man-portable, vehicle-launched, and helicopter-launched variants. It is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance. The missile is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker.