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08:29 AM, June 26, 2019
Russia Unveils Modernized Mi-28NM Chopper based on 'Syrian Experience'
Russian Helicopters Mi-28NM Night Hunter attack helicopter

Russia today unveiled upgraded Mi-28NM 'night hunter' attack helicopter helicopter which has been modernized based on operational experience in Syria.

The Mi-28NM displayed at the forum is the first serial modernized Night Hunter, a Russian Helicopters press statement said on Tuesday. The upgrades to the KA-52 are yet to be performed.

The Mi-28NM helicopter gunship is designed to search for and destroy low-speed air targets, tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles as well as enemy manpower in daytime and at night, in all weather conditions.

The Mi-28NM onboard radar equipment comprises an innovative helmet-mounted imaging and pointing system. The helicopter is equipped with an N025 radar station, which makes it possible to carry out round watch. The upgrade also has a new EW system. In addition to that, the Mi-28 NM helicopter has a modified fuselage and modernized engines; a radio-electronic onboard system and a target sight system; an auxiliary power plant and equipment for communication with unmanned aerial vehicles.

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 100 modernized Mi-28NM should be delivered to the Russian armed forces by 2028.

The upgraded version of the Ka-52 attack helicopter, the Ka-52M, would be created by 2022. The experimental design work on the upgraded helicopter will take into account Russia’s combat experience in Syria.The Ka-52M will get new power supply and target acquisition systems. Also, following the requirements of Russia’s Defense Ministry, the helicopter’s protection will be enhanced considerably.

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