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08:43 AM, June 29, 2019
Russia Demos High Altitude Reconnaissance Drone At Army 2019
Korsar high altitude reconnaissance drone

Roselectronics holding company has demonstrated “Korsar” reconnaissance drone system capable of flying at high altitudes, in excess of 5000 meters, at the ongoing Army-2019 Forum being held in Kubinka, near Moscow.

The drone system can fly at altitudes exceeding 5000 meters, which places it out of the range of small arms and many types of man-portable air-defense systems, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

The Korsar drone system consists of several separate UAVs and a control station. The UAV is designed for all-weather aerial terrain reconnaissance, patrol and observation flights, and aerial photography.

It weighs 200 kg, has a wingspan of 6.5 meters and fuselage length of 4.2 meters. Its engine allows the drone to make a continuous flight of up to 8 hours. The information gathered by the drone is processed and transmitted to the ground systems in real time.

In addition to military use, Korsar can be used to perform civilian tasks such as environmental, traffic and infrastructure monitoring, forest fire prevention and emergency search and rescue operations.

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