Unidentified Flying Object is Wild Geese, S Korean Fighter Jets Find Out

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  • 06:31 AM, July 2, 2019
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Unidentified Flying Object is Wild Geese, S Korean Fighter Jets Find Out
South Korean Jets 'Intercept' wild geese: simulated image

The South Korean air force scrambled fighter jets to intercept an unidentified object, flying near the demilitarized zone between its border with North Korea which was later confirmed to be a flock of wild geese.

The incident comes after a recent incident where a North Korean boat with four persons on board entered South Korean waters undetected. The South’s military has been on heightened alert since then.

An unidentified object was detected on military radars flying near the border with North Korea on Monday turned out to be a flock of birds, later confirmed to be wild geese, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said. The detection prompted the air force to scramble fighter jets to intercept the object.

South Korean military radar had detected an unidentified object in the sky above the Demilitarized Zone in the central portion of the inter-Korean border in Gangwon Province at around 1 p.m. Monday. The object was found some 4.5 kilometers above the ground, inside the no-fly zone that the two Koreas set up along the border under the inter-Korean military agreement signed in September last year, Yonhap news agency reported.

"Upon spotting that, the military deployed several jets in response, which later confirmed that the trace was made by around 20 birds, which were presumed to be wild geese," Yonhap quoted an unidentified officer as saying.

While scrambling the jets, the South Korean military sent a notification to North Korea via the inter-Korean military communication channel in accordance with the military pact in order to prevent any accidental clashes, he added.

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