Indian Navy Issues RFP For 6 Next Generation Missile Vessels Worth $2 Billion

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  • 03:54 PM, July 2, 2019
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Indian Navy Issues RFP For 6 Next Generation Missile Vessels Worth $2 Billion
INS Tarkash Teg-class frigate

The Indian Navy has issued Request For Proposal (RFP) for the construction of six stealth-capable Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMVs) worth about $1.88 Billion (INR 13,000 crore), the Indian media reported Tuesday.

The Navy also issued RFPs for eight Fast Patrol Vessels (FPV), 12 Air Cushion Vehicles (ACV), eight ammunition barges for the Coast Guard, and more for nearly $290 million (INR 2,000 crore)

These ships will reportedly be hull form, stealth-capable warships that will travel at over 35 knots with an endurance of 10 days at sea.

In early 2015, the Indian Navy issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the six new indigenous missile corvettes with "surface warfare capabilities, low RADAR, acoustic, magnetic and IR signature, high endurance and credible AMD/AA capability" under the NGMV program.

The RFI specifications include BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, eight SSMs, a point defence missile system (the Barak is currently the only PDMS in Indian Navy service), an MR Gun system, capability to carry out Surface to surface, surface to air and Anti -Missile Defence (AMD) engagements to be fitted onto the ships.

The warship should have the facility to be remoted using Fire Control Radars (FCR) as well as EO (Electro-Optical) sight, and a Close-in Weapon System (CIWS).

The RFI leaves out specifications of displacement.

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