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12:31 PM, July 3, 2019
S-300 Air Defence Systems in Syria 'Fully Operational'
Russian S-300 air defense missile systems launching missiles (image: Reuters)

Four Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile systems that have been deployed in Syria are entirely operational, images released by Israeli satellite image analysis company ImageSat International have suggested.

Three S-400 systems had been installed at the Masyaf base in north-western Syria. On June 30, ImageSat published a satellite photograph depicting the fourth, fully functional S-400 battery being deployed at the Masyaf base, UAWire reported Wednesday.

ImageSat had released satellite images claiming three out of four S-300 launchers had been erected in Masyaf, in February this year.

Russia delivered the missile systems and 49 units of systems-related equipment such as radars, basic target acquisition systems, command posts and four launchers last October. The deliveries took place after a Russian plane was accidentally destroyed by a Syrian air defence battery that was responding to an Israeli airstrike.

Interestingly, according to reports published in April, Israel has developed “Rampage,” a new supersonic air-to-surface missile that can speed past the S-300 air defence system without getting intercepted. The Rampage was, according to Avia.pro, a Russian news outlet, “the reason behind the success of the Israeli operation in Syria.”

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