US Approves $2.22B Sale of M1A2T Abrams Tanks, Stinger Missiles to Taiwan

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  • 03:14 AM, July 9, 2019
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US Approves $2.22B Sale of M1A2T Abrams Tanks, Stinger Missiles to Taiwan
Abrams tank: file photo

The US State Department has approved a Foreign Military Sale to Taiwan of 108 M1A2T Abrams Tanks, 254 Stinger man portable missiles and related equipment worth $2.223 Billion.

Taiwan has requested to buy one hundred eight (108) M1A2T Abrams Tanks; one hundred twenty-two (122) M2 Chrysler Mount Machine Guns; two hundred sixteen (216) M240 Machine Guns; fourteen (14) M88A2 HERCULES Vehicles; sixteen (16) M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET); five hundred seventy-two (572) M1002 TPMP-T1 Rounds; three hundred fifty-nine (359) M831A1 HEAT Rounds; and six hundred twenty-one (621) M865 TPCSPS-T2 Rounds, and eight hundred twenty eight (828) M830Al HEAT Rounds besides other types of ammunition and communications equipment.

Taiwan has also requested to buy two hundred fifty (250) Block I -92F MANPAD Stinger missiles and four (4) Block I -92F MANPAD Stinger Fly-to-Buy missiles for an estimated cost of $223.56 million.

A US DoD statement said Monday that the sale will support the recipient’s continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and to maintain a credible defensive capability.

The sale comes at a time when China is threatening to invade Taiwan and has been practicing an air and ground assault involving aircraft, helicopters and amphibious tanks. The proposed sale of armed-to-the-teeth Abrams and Stinger missiles are clearly aimed at deterring China’s invasion plans with considerable defensive capability for Taipei.

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