Withdraw Arms Sales To Taiwan: China Tells US

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  • 08:15 AM, July 9, 2019
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Withdraw Arms Sales To Taiwan: China Tells US

Opposing United States’ approval for Taiwan’s request to buy $2.2 Billion worth defense hardware, the Chinese foreign ministry has asked Washington to scrap the deal.

“China strongly opposes the action,” Geng Shuang, foreign ministry spokesman said, soon after US okayed the deal.

The US State Department approved a Foreign Military Sale to Taipei of 108 M1A2T Abrams Tanks, 254 Stinger man portable missiles and related equipment worth $2.223 Billion on Tuesday.  

China has been threatening to invade Taiwan and has been practicing an air and ground assault involving aircraft, helicopters and amphibious tanks. 

"Sales of US weapons to Taiwan are a serious violation of international law and basic norms regulating international relations. This violates the ‘One-China’ policy and three joint US-Chinese communiques. This is also a serious interference in China's domestic affairs, which damages its sovereignty and its security interests. We express protest over these actions," Geng added.

America’s move of approving the arms sale to the island nation it doesn’t consider sovereign, has infuriated China. Beijing views the island as its province, while Taiwan has been governed independently from mainland country since 1949, maintaining political and economic relations with several other countries.

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