China Develops Tech to Reduce Fatigue of Helicopter Rotors

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  • 08:29 AM, July 17, 2019
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China Develops Tech to Reduce Fatigue of Helicopter Rotors
China's Z-10 attack helicopter

China has developed a new fatigue-resistant technology for helicopter rotors to reduce wear and tear of rotors of on-duty choppers.

“The new rotor infused with anti-fatigue technology could be used on China's future heavy-lift transport helicopters and gunships, which need to perform extreme manoeuvers in combat,” Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, was quoted as saying by Global Times on Tuesday.

The new technology was developed after a new helicopter rotor made of Titanium-alloy designed by state-owned Aviation Industry of China (AVIC) failed to pass fatigue tests.

The Chinese engineers then teamed up with experts from Xi'an-based Northwestern Polytechnical University and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials to mature a new technique to reduce wear and tear of components and double their service time.

“A titanium alloy is a strong metal. Together with the new technique, it could make helicopters more reliable in difficult environmental conditions, including at sea and in the desert,” analysts said.

The anti-fatigue feature is important because rotor fatigue is not always noticeable, causing unforeseen dangers, AVIC-affiliated China Aviation News reported.

“The rotor could also allow a helicopter to work under higher stress, including maintaining high speeds for extended periods or lifting heavier cargo for longer distances,” said Wei.

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