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04:24 PM, July 20, 2019
Lockheed To Collaborate With 3 Indian Start-ups For Defense tech solutions

Lockheed Martin signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with three Indian start-ups — Terero Mobility, Sastra Robotics, and NoPo Nanotechnologies on Friday.

The US firm will work with Terero Mobility to work on the design, development, test and qualification of a cargo ground buildup system (CGBS), which will handle cargo delivered by air force transport aircraft at remote locations without ground handling facilities, Business Standard reported Friday.

The US company says it will provide “system engineering support and mentoring to Terero Mobility to enable them to develop and deliver a vehicle that is capable of transport by C-130 and similar platforms."

Meanwhile, the US-based says NoPo Nanotechnologies will work on qualifying Carbon nanotubes to provide electromagnetic interference and lightning protection. If it is successful, the Indian firm will become a supplier to Lockheed Martin and its Tier-1 vendors.

Sastra Robotics will work on robots for avionics testing of systems such as the avionics display of tactical fighter platforms, including the F-21 fighter that Lockheed Martin hopes to supply the Indian Air Force (IAF). Successful qualification would enable Sastra Robotics to be a supplier to Lockheed Martin and its Tier-1 vendors.



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