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11:22 AM, August 6, 2019
US Army Acquires Additional Lockheed Q-53 Radars, Capabilities
AN/TPQ-53 Radar

The United States Army recently awarded Lockheed Martin three contracts to produce 189 additional Q-53 systems and outfit the radar with enhanced capabilities, including extended range and counter unmanned aerial system (CUAS) surveillance.

The Q-53 systems will be produced using gallium nitride (GaN) transmit-receive modules. According to the company, this will provide the radar with additional power, reliability and the possibility for enhanced capabilities including extended range, counterfire target acquisition (CTA) and multi-mission, which delivers simultaneous CTA and air surveillance. 

The Q-53 radar is used to protect the troops in combat by detecting, classifying, tracking and identifying the location of enemy indirect fire in either 90 or 360-degree modes.

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