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08:25 AM, August 8, 2019
Lockheed To Provide Navigation Subsystem For Trident II (D5) Strategic Weapon System

Lockheed Martin has won a $11.5 million modification contract from the US Navy to supply navigation subsystem for Trident II (D5) Strategic Weapon System.

"Lockheed Martin is awarded $11.5 million for new scope under previously awarded contract to provide US Trident II (D5) Strategic Weapon System efforts for the navigation subsystem," the US Department of Defense said in a statement Wednesday.

Work is expected to be completed by December 31, 2021.  

The Trident II D5 is a three-stage, solid-propellant, inertial-guided ballistic missile that can carry multiple independently targeted reentry bodies for a maximum range of over 7,360km.