Iran Setting Up 'Major' Military Base 300km from US Garrison in Iraq

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  • 11:48 AM, September 5, 2019
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Iran Setting Up 'Major' Military Base 300km from US Garrison in Iraq
Image showing new Iranian military compound; center is the Iranian crossing between Al-Bukamal-Al-Qaim under construction; right is the official border crossing which is blocked and not active. (ISI)

Tehran is building a large military base near Al-Bukamal (Abu Kamal) border between Syria and Iraq, which is about 300km from US military installation in Iraq.

The “Imam Ali compound” Iranian camp capable of holding thousands of troops and precision missiles is being completed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Forces, Fox News reported citing western intelligence sources on Tuesday. The information was "verified" by ImageSat International (ISI), a civilian satellite company. 

“The construction of the new military compound began in recent months and is in advanced stages of construction,” read a report by ISI, which reviewed the images. “It is probable that the base construction will be completed over the next few months and will be operational shortly afterwards.”

Iran Setting Up 'Major' Military Base 300km from US Garrison in Iraq
Closer shot of some of the new storehouses in the compound. (ISI)

At least five different newly constructed buildings surrounded by large dirt mounds could house precision missiles, Fox said. The other 10 less fortified storehouses in the base will likely store ammunition.

For several years now, Iran has been trying to establish a 1,200 km-long land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean.

In May, satellite images taken by ISI showed that Iran has been building a new border crossing 2.6 km west of the official Al-Bukamal Al-Qaim border crossing, which would expedite the transfer of weapons from Tehran.

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