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07:24 AM, October 4, 2019
Russian MoD denies S-500 Tested in Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense has clarified it did not conduct tests of S-500 air defense systems in Syria, squashing earlier media reports that stated it concluded tests of the S-500s in the country.

"The S-500 is designed to deal with ballistic and aerodynamic targets at long ranges. There was no need for the testing and especially the use of the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system in the Syrian Arab Republic," the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

After successful testing in Syria, it was reported that the air defense system would enter serial production next year.  

The S-500’s technical specifications remain shrouded in secrecy, although reports speculate that the system will be capable of destroying targets from distances of up to 600 km away, and tracking and striking up to 10 ballistic targets moving at hyper-sonic speeds up to 7 km per second (the equivalent of about Mach 20).

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