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09:12 AM, October 9, 2019
Taiwan Seeks Maintenance Hub for US Military Equipment

Taiwan has sought depot-level maintenance facilities for US military equipment such as the M1A2T Abrams tanks and F-16V jets not only for itself but to also make it a regional support base for US weapons.

“US businesses could take a step further in working with Taiwanese companies by building depot-level maintenance capacity in Taiwan. This will lower maintenance costs and raise maintenance efficiency for better operational sustainability,” Chang Guan-chung, Vice Minister of National Defense, told the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in Maryland, on Monday.

Chang added that the local maintenance supply chain "will provide lifecycle-integrated logistic support to countries in the region and raise the operational rate of US-made equipment in the region." 

The minister added that Taiwan is adopting a “resolute defense and multi-domain deterrence” strategy focussed on defending its forces and attacking the “enemy” near the coastline.

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