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04:56 AM, October 10, 2019
Iran Unveils High Speed Attack Boats
An Iranian speedboat (image via local media)

Iran unveiled speedboats that can attain a top speed of 90 knots (167 kmph) on Wednesday.

"Today, marine vessels that cruise at 90knots/h will be unveiled," said Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, according to local media.

Tangsiri revealed Iran’s future plans to build a boat that can achieve greater speeds.

“By tapping into the capabilities and technical expertise of our domestic elite, we will move toward production of speed vessels that can sail at 100 knots (185 kmph) in near future,” he said.

In the recent times, Iran has showcased a number of innovative weapons and military hardware such as the “Mobin” jet-powered stealth drone/cruise missile, smart robot named “Heidar 1,” hand-launched reconnaissance drone “Farpad,” a portable jamming system, a bullet-proof tactical vehicle, and more.

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