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07:41 AM, October 12, 2019
Tunisia to buy 12 -6C Texan Trainer Aircraft from US worth #234M
Texan Trainer aircraft: Textron image

The US State Department has approved a Foreign Military Sale to Tunisia for 12 T-6C Texan trainer aircraft made by Textron Aviation Defense for an estimated cost of $234 million.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Tunisia has requested a possible sale of twelve T-6C Texan trainer aircraft, spare engines, cartridge actuated devices/propellant actuated devices operational flight trainer, spare parts, ground handling equipment, support equipment, software delivery and support, publications and technical documentation, clothing, textiles and individual equipment, aircraft ferry support, technical and logistical support services, site surveys, minor modifications/class IV support, personnel training and training equipment. The estimated value is $234 million.

Tunisia to buy 12 -6C Texan Trainer Aircraft from US worth #234M
Tunisian air force: Air Force of Tunisia image

The proposed sale will replace Tunisia's aging trainer fleet and allow Tunisia to continue training pilots to support Tunisia's counter-terrorism and border security missions.

The prime contractor will be Textron Aviation Defense LLC of Wichita, Kansas. There are no known offset agreement proposed with this potential sale.