Raytheon, Saab Test Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition

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  • 05:54 AM, November 1, 2019
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Raytheon, Saab Test Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition
Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition

Raytheon and Saab have completed a series of guided flight tests for the shoulder launched Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition, featuring a semi-active laser guidance system. 

The test firings performed during late September 2019 involved launching of 3 munitions in total- two against static targets and one against a moving target. A semi-active laser was used to guide the munitions to target impact. Other seeker technologies (like imaging IR) were also demonstrated as optional solutions for the final product. The demonstration in Sweden further included dynamic warhead tests against various targets, Saab said in a statement Thursday.

The guided munition will allow the armed forces to  engage stationary or moving targets up to, and beyond 2,000 meters. Saab’s Carl-Gustaf weapon system is currently used by the US Armed Forces.

Raytheon, Saab Test Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition
Carl-Gustaf M4

“The Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition is a next step in the evolution of the Carl-Gustaf system. It will be the most advanced Carl-Gustaf munition yet and will offer greater precision, minimise collateral damage and deliver outstanding performance with pin-point accuracy and multi-target capability,” says Görgen Johansson, Head of Saab business area Dynamics.

“Raytheon and Saab have been working together to start development of a precision-guided munition that will penetrate multiple types of targets, such as light armor, bunkers and concrete structures, at extended ranges. This lightweight round will overmatch potential adversaries while decreasing collateral damage, making it an ideal weapon when fighting under restricted rules of engagement,” says Sam Deneke, Raytheon Land Warfare Systems vice president.

In 2017, Saab announced its partnership with Raytheon to develop new weapons for infantry forces. The Guided Carl-Gustaf munition will be designed to increase the capability of the shoulder-launched, multi-role weapon system Carl-Gustaf.