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06:33 AM, November 1, 2019
Finland's Patria Nets €35M to Upgrade Pasi APCs

Finland has awarded Patria an agreement valued €35 million to modernize 139 Pasi XA-180 armored personnel carriers (APCs).

“On October 28, 2019, Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen has authorised the Defence Forces Logistics Command to procure supplementary lifecycle upgrades from Patria,” Finnish Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

Under the order, the company, Patria, will carry out lifecycle upgrades for the Finnish-made six-wheeled XA-180 APCs starting next year. The program seeks to ensure that the capability, condition and technical lifecycle of the vehicles will extend into the 2040s.

Patria will upgrade the electric systems, strengthen power transmission components, and renew suspension and external coating. Plans also include installation of seats with security belts in the vehicles.

The procurement will continue the lifecycle upgrade that commenced in 2014. It is associated with the National Defence Development Programme that intends to develop the mobility of troops

Deliveries of the Pasi APCs are scheduled to take place between 2020 and 2022.