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08:39 AM, November 9, 2019
Russia's UEC-Klimov Offers Engine Replacement for India's Mi, Kamov Helicopters

Russia's UEC-Klimov has offered its new VK-2500 engine as a replacement for India's Mi and Kamov helicopters.

The matter was reportedly discussed when Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh visited the UEC-Klimov plant on November 7.

India has around 250 Mi helicopters (Mi-17-1V, Mi-17V-5, Mi-26, Mi-24) currently in service. In May 2019, the defense ministry reportedly cleared an order valued INR 3,600 crore (little over $504 million) for ten Kamov-31 choppers.

Other than the Mi-26, all Russian-made Indian rotorcraft in service, and on order, are powered by UEC-Klimov's TV3-117 turboshaft engines.

Russia's UEC-Klimov Offers Engine Replacement for India's Mi, Kamov Helicopters

The Mi-26 uses 2 Ivchenko-Progress AI-136 turboshaft engines (8,500 kW or 11,400 hp each). In 2016, Russia started development of PD-12V for the Mi-26, which is a variant of PD-14 turbofan engine of Russia's MC-21 airliner.

There are three versions of the VK-2500 engine, each of which has a different take-off power- from 2000 to 2400 hp. A digital automatic control system has been introduced instead of an analog system, new materials are used.

"The VK-2500 increases power output in emergency mode, ensures supporting of various modes in a wider range of outdoor temperatures. The engine's fuel efficiency is higher. It is more enduring in harsh conditions than the Western analogues. These engines have been used in the Afghan Army's Mi-17 choppers in real combay conditions," an informed source told Defenseworld.net.

This September, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of India certified a new VK-2500PS-03 turboshaft engine (modification of the VK-2500) for the Mi-171A2 helicopter. This engine is said to be a civil version of the propulsion system installed on Mi-28 gunships.


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