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10:00 AM, November 13, 2019
Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts 90% of Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip
Source: IDF

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF)’s Iron Dome deployed to intercept rockets being launched at a rate of one in every seven and a half minutes in the Gaza Strip, has reportedly intercepted 90% of its targets.

Tensions in the region escalated after the IDF killed Baha Abu al-Ata, commander of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group, on Tuesday.


Israeli Iron Dome Intercepts 90% of Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip
Iron Dome (image: Rafael)

“Once every 7 and a half minutes. That's how often the Islamic Jihad has been launching rockets at Israeli towns and cities from Gaza over the last 27 hours,” the IDF tweeted.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 220 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza, the IDF said.

Iron Dome intercepting targets for representation (image via local media)

The Iron Dome truck-towed, mobile air defense system was developed by Israel’s Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The system has been developed to counter very short range rockets and artillery shell (155mm) threats with ranges of up to 70km.

Dozens of the incoming projectiles were shot down by soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system, representing a 90% interception rate for rockets heading toward populated areas. The remaining 10% of projectiles struck homes, businesses and roadways, causing significant damage, but relatively few injuries, local media reported, citing the Israeli army.