Turkish Killer Drones Can Distinguish Between Men, Women

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  • 01:29 PM, November 18, 2019
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Turkish Killer Drones Can Distinguish Between Men, Women
Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 combat drone

Turkey's armed drones can distinguish between men and women, and terrorists from civilians using artificial intelligence (AI) when specific characteristics are fed into it.

"You provide the system with specific characteristics and it could memorize them after undergoing a machine learning process," Abdullah Cavusoglu, directorate general of Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering (EHSIM), a company established in 1998 that operates in the fields of electronic warfare and tactical command and control systems, told Anadolu Agency.

“For example, we show [the drone] photos of 100 women who have long hair and are wearing earrings. Then, we show photos of 100 men to the drone so it stores the characteristic features of men. Later, when being shown a picture, it automatically distinguishes whether the person is a man or woman," the expert said.

According to Cavusoglu, the drones can distinguish the activities of terrorists and civilians using the same mechanism.

"So, Turkey is battling terrorists plaguing the country using these armed drones after which the number of terrorists have dropped to less than 500," the expert claimed. Cavusoglu stressed that armed drones carry out sweeping activities and prevent possible terrorist attacks in hot spots.

Drones not only detect terrorists but also set targets autonomously with the help of their useful payloads, the expert noted, referring to such things as their high-resolution cameras.

We can observe land with the high-resolution camera that is attached to drones and eliminate the terrorists who use hit-and-run tactics on mountains, he added.

“Observing the land from above provides a critical advantage. Even terrorists have started using the same tactic. But we have already taken the necessary measures against them, " Cavusoglu said.