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02:34 PM, December 6, 2019
Australian C-130J LAIRCM Achieves Final Operational Capability
C-130J Aircraft

The Royal Australian Air Force's Large Aircraft Infra-Red Counter-Measures (LAIRCM), intended to provide additional electronic warfare self-protection (EWSP) to the C-130J transport planes, has achieved Final Operational Capability (FOC).


Eight of the twelve aircraft were modified in Australia by Airbus Australia Pacific under a local commercial licencing arrangement. In addition, C-130J Full Flight Simulator has also been modified by CAE Australia to reflect changes in the tactical transport aircraft.


The program has reportedly costed the Australian government $146.85 million.


“The LAIRCM provide enhanced protection against infrared-guided missiles for airforce’s fleet of C-130J tactical transport aircraft. The project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget," said General Air Combat Enablers director air commodore Mark Green.

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