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10:32 AM, December 13, 2019
Czech Republic to Replace Russian Radars with Israeli 3D Mobile Air Defense Radars

Czech Republic has entered into an agreement with Israel for the acquisition of eight units of 3D mobile air defense radars (MADR) for CZK 3.5 billion ($153.4 million) to replace the obsolete Russian radars in service.

“The procurement of MADR radars is one of our key modernisation projects. The Czech servicemembers truly need this equipment. We will discontinue our dependence on obsolete Russian machines and at the same time we will obtain a combat proven system from our strategic partner,” Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar underscored.

Compatible with NATO systems, the Israeli radars will replace in the inventory the existing Russian made equipment that is well past its service life. The new radars will be delivered progressively and operationalised by 2023. Before live operation, they will pass standard tests and trial operation, Czech Ministry of Defense said in a statement last week.


The procurement of MADR radars includes a guarantee for the Czech industry to be involved in the performance of this public procurement in the minimum scope of 30%.

The official signing of the government-to-government contract was followed by the signing and exchange of contracts between the radar manufacturer, the Elta company, and Retia company and VTÚ state enterprise, who will be the primary partners on the Czech side.



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