New Russian Air Defense System Gibka-S Works against Ultra-low Flying Threats

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  • 09:30 AM, December 26, 2019
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New Russian Air Defense System Gibka-S Works against Ultra-low Flying Threats
Gibka-S mobile low-range air-defence system

Russia has finished state trials of a new close range air defense mobile system, Gibka-S which uses missiles from Verba or Igla man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) installed on Tiger 4x4, multipurpose, all-terrain  armoured vehicle.

The new type of weapon can fire MANPAD size projectiles at extremely low-flying objects that are not picked up by defensive radars such as drones, helicopters and ground-attack aircraft.

Prototypes of the reconnaissance and control vehicle of the platoon commander and combat vehicle of the anti-aircraft gunner’s squad with the latest anti-aircraft guns during the tests confirmed the specified tactical and technical characteristics, Lieutenant-general Alexander Leonov, Chief of the Air Defense Forces of the Ground Forces, has told to Red Star, the official newspaper of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Gibka-S can be used to protect vital installations as well as troops or convoys on the move. Earlier this week TASS news agency reported finishing the state trials with reference to Military-industrial company (producer of Tiger vehicles.

During the trials Gibka-S was tested at Kapustin Yar fire range where it shot at aerial targets while cruising at speed of up to 30 km ph.

The developer of the missile system is High Precision Systems corporation (part of Rostec state corporation).  The Gibka-S mounted on the 9А332 combat vehicle can fire four MANPAD missiles at a time.

MANPAD systems are normally meant for infantry use but take time in setting and pointing at the target while also restricting firing to one at a time. The Gibka-S looks like a ready solution to this problem by mounting multiple MANPAD firing units on top of a vehicle.

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