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07:47 AM, December 30, 2019
Russian Su-57 Fighter to get New Weapons

Russia is developing new, advanced weapons for its Su-57 stealth fighter jet, the head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has revealed.

“The Su-57 will be able to use many new means of destruction - some of them have already been created, others are being developed. Tests will continue consistent with the new functions and new goals,” Yury Slyusar, the director-general of UAC, was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Monday.


Russian Su-57 Fighter to get New Weapons

Earlier this month, a senior official from state-run Rostec had said that the Su-57 completed 16 flights equipped with its new, powerful engine- Izdeliye-30 (Item 30).

"Second-stage engine tests are currently intensively underway on a separate schedule,” Slyusar added. It is unclear whether he referred to the Izdeliye-30 or the AL-41F-1.

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