Tests of Upgraded Israeli Iron Dome Complete

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  • 07:17 AM, January 13, 2020
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Tests of Upgraded Israeli Iron Dome Complete

Israel has completed decade-long tests of its new upgraded Iron Dome system on Sunday, with the defense ministry claiming it to have completed 2,400 successful interceptions with a success rate of over 85%.

“We have completed a series of tests with a success rate of 100 percent. The system intercepted all threats, which were simulated in an area secured for the purpose of the experiment,” Pini Yungman, vice president of the Rafael, was quoted as saying by The Times of Israel on Sunday.

The first successful interception test of the advanced Iron Dome was conducted ten years ago on January 6, 2010. It was declared operational a year later. The complex series of experiments were carried out by Rafael, and the Israel Missile Defense Organization in the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD)’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (MAFAT).

The tests demonstrated the capabilities of an advanced version of the Iron Dome in a variety of simulated threats.

“The success of the experiments is an important milestone for Israel’s operational ability to defend itself against existing and future threats in the region,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Iron Dome air defense system is made up of an advanced radar array, manufactured by a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries; interceptor missiles, produced by the Rafael defense contractor; and a command-and-control center made by the firm mPrest. The system represents the shortest-range system in the Israeli military’s multi-tiered air defense array.

Last week, the Israeli MoD announced a breakthrough laser system to defeat missiles whose recurring cost could be “$1 per shot” compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars for each missile of an anti-missile air defense system.



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