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11:07 AM, January 13, 2020
Turkey Tests F-16 AMRAAM Replacement Missile

Turkey has completed testing its Gökdoğan (Peregrine) air-to-air missile, developed as a direct replacement for US-made AMRAAM and Sidewinder missiles.

The project for Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan missiles, which was initiated by the Scientific and Technological Research Council's (TÜBİTAK) Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE), is set to be completed this year, Daily Sabah reported last week.

These are the first indigenous air-to-air missiles of Turkey, with the development having begun in 2013. While Gökdoğan is a short-range, highly maneuverable and infrared seeker, Bozdoğan is a long-range, active radar seeker missile. They were first introduced at IDEF-2017.

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