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10:28 AM, January 16, 2020
Russian firm Delivers Helmet-mounted Night Vision Goggles to African Nation

Russia's Shvabe Holding Company, part of Rostec, shipped a large batch of helmet-mounted night vision goggles to an unnamed African country, the company announced Thursday.

"The Shvabe Holding Company of Rostec State Corporation has exported a large batch of PN21K night vision monoculars in the interests of one of the countries on the African continent. The device is equipped with second-and third-generation electro-optic converters and also with infrared illumination," the company was quoted as saying by TASS.

The device is distinguished by its compact size, can be equipped with various lenses and mounted on the head or the helmet, the report said.

PN21K can unite two monoculars into a single binocular night vision device with a three zoom. It can be fixed to a helmet and moved from one eye to another, as well as mounted on a gun as a sight.