Seeking Weapons-for-Oil, Iraq Plans Delegations to Russia, China, Ukraine

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  • 08:54 AM, January 23, 2020
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Seeking Weapons-for-Oil, Iraq Plans Delegations to Russia, China, Ukraine
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Iraq is sending a team of delegates to Russia, China and Ukraine to negotiate barter trade- accept weapons from them in exchange for Iraqi oil.

Baghdad has listed air defense systems such as S-300s and S-400s, as the primary item of procurement, especially after the heavily fortified "Green Zone" in the capital city of Baghdad hosting US Embassy and other important buildings was struck by Iranian missiles and rockets over the past few weeks.

"A joint executive and legislative delegation intends to visit such countries as Russia, China and Ukraine, to negotiate purchase of modern systems to protect our airspace in exchange for Iraqi oil shipments. It is similar to the 'oil for reconstruction' agreement signed with China recently," Badr al-Ziyadi, a member of the parliament's security and defense committee, was quoted as saying by As Sabah newspaper.

"Many nations indicated their readiness to deliver modern weapons to Iraq in exchange for our oil. This is the best way to ensure the shipment of advanced weapons to Iraq without corruption and bribery," al-Ziyadi added.

The Iraqi team will also propose completion of a project that includes installing modern thermal imaging devices at the border, to keep terrorist infiltration in check. "Inadequate arming of border forces was the result of a mistake we made, by relying on the US. They spent spent enormous sums of money and never fully finished the project. This is why the Iraqis must count on themselves, and turn to the Eastern Bloc to equip its army," al-Ziyadi added.

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