South Korean Aerobatics Team May Skip Singapore Airshow Over Virus Scare

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  • 07:56 AM, January 30, 2020
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South Korean Aerobatics Team May Skip Singapore Airshow Over Virus Scare
Korea Aerospace T50B Blackeagles Image via wikipedia

The South Korean Air Force’s aerobatics team is reconsidering its participation in the Singapore airshow over the coronavirus scare of which 10 cases have been confirmed in Singapore.

The Air Force's Black Eagles had planned to head for Singapore on Friday to take part in the biennial Singapore Airshow 2020 from February 11-16 but decided to delay their departure, Yonhap News reported quoting official sources.

"A ceremony scheduled for Thursday to mark the Black Eagles' departure was delayed in consideration of the situation regarding the new coronavirus,”  the Air Force said in a release indicating that there could be a reconsideration of the decision to participate.

The popular aerobatic team which has enthralled air show crowds earlier was supposed to arrive at the venue on Tuesday after making stopovers in Taiwan, Malaysia and other East Asian regions.

"Discussions regarding the air show have been under way, including whether to take part in it as planned," Yohnap News quoted an officer as saying.

So far, four cases of the deadly virus have been confirmed in South Korea, and Singapore has reported 10 confirmed cases.

The South Korean military has quarantined military personnel who returned from China over the virus scare and has banned all non-essential travel to China.

The show organizers have issued no warning as of now 

South Korean Aerobatics Team May Skip Singapore Airshow Over Virus Scare
Singapore air show file photo
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