Russian MoD Greenlights Production of PAK-DA Long Range Stealth Bomber

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  • 08:50 AM, February 3, 2020
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Russian MoD Greenlights Production of PAK-DA Long Range Stealth Bomber

The Russian MoD has signed a contract with the developer of PAK-DA long-range stealth bomber to commence production for a possible delivery by 2027.

The PAK-DA is a stealthy long-range bomber that can deliver cruise missiles and even nuclear bombs.

"The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has signed all the necessary contracts to start production of the PAK-DA long-range bomber. Flight tests of the aircraft is scheduled for 2027," deputy head of the department Alexey Krivoruchk was quoted as saying by Zvezda, run by the Russian MoD reported on Monday.

“The characteristics of the aircraft have been agreed upon, all contract documents necessary for the production of samples have been signed, preparatory design stages are underway,” Krivoruchko said.

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