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02:20 PM, February 15, 2020
Russian firms to Develop
Orion-E drone

Russian firms Tactical Missiles Corporation and Kronshtadt hi-tech firm are together developing small-sized munitions to be armed on drones.

"This issue is important and developers are trying to reduce both the dimensional and weight characteristics of air-launched weapons. The items in the weight category of 50 kg to 100 kg will enjoy strong demand," Corporation Chief Boris Obnosov was quoted as saying by TASS on Friday.

At the Army-2018 Forum, Kronshtadt unveiled Orion-E drone along with a mock-up of a 50 kg air-to-surface missile. With its maximum take-off weight of 1,000 kg, the Orion-E can carry a 200 kg payload of four 50-kg or two 100-kg munitions.

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