Russian Knights Commence Aerobatics Training with Su-35S Fighter Jets

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  • 07:47 AM, February 25, 2020
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Russian Knights Commence Aerobatics Training with Su-35S Fighter Jets
Su-35S jet of the Russian Knights aerobatics team

The famed Russian Knights aerobatics team of the Russian Air Force (RAF) has commenced flight training with the Su-35S fighter jets at the Kubinka airfield near Moscow.

The flight crew of the Aerospace Forces worked out the flight route, piloting techniques, and tasks for the purpose, the Russian MoD said.

In November 2019, several super maneuverable Su-35S generation 4++ fighters was delivered from the manufacturer to the aviation technology display Center as part of the "Russian Knights" aerobatic team.

The Russian Knights currently operate the Su-27, Su-30 jets which have wowed crowds at air shows with their spectacular maneuvers.


Russian Knights Commence Aerobatics Training with Su-35S Fighter Jets
A Russian Knights' jet fires flares while performing a maneuver

The addition of the Su-35S is expected to a new zing to the aerobatics displays due to the enhanced characteristics of the aircraft compared to older planes in the Sukhoi line.

Key to the Su-35’s amazing super maneuverability is its Saturn AL-41F1S turbofans which have a higher thrust than the AL-41F engines in the Su-30 giving it better power to weight ratio. The aircraft can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 2.25 at high altitude.

Its radar and avionics are more modern than other Sukhoi jets in service which should allow it to push the envelope further in terms of aerobatics display.


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