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08:28 AM, February 28, 2020
Artificial Intelligence Based Anti-drone System Successfully Tested in Russia

A Russian defense firm has recently completed trials of an anti-drone system that makes use of artificial intelligence to detect the identity of drones.

The firm’s General Director, Vladimir Kabanov said in comments to the Russian media earlier this week that the Rubezh-Avtomatika anti-UAV system is ready to deliver it to customers.

“This is one of the most modern and universal anti-UAV systems. This is a very mobile system, it is easily transported, deployment time does not exceed five minutes. It can be used on open ground, on the roofs of buildings or structures. One of the key features of the system is an intelligent control system that can detect and neutralize drones without human intervention. Due to the wide adaptive capabilities the system can be used at airports, in urban areas and at industrial facilities. Now the preliminary trials of the Rubezh-Avtomatika system have been completed, all its characteristics have been confirmed. The concern is ready to deliver a novelty to customers," said Kabanov.

Artificial Intelligence Based Anti-drone System Successfully Tested in Russia

According to him, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is used in the system. "One of the key areas is the use of artificial intelligence. For example, in the Rubezh-Avtomatika and Bastion-Avtomatika systems, the analysis of the signal from a drone is carried out automatically, and means of recognition of friend-or-foe are introduced," said Kabanov.

He disclosed that in the near future Avtomatika concern plans to demonstrate a new generation of radar detection modules that detect UAVs with low reflectivity.

Rubezh-Avtomatika was for the first time presented at Dubai Airshow 2019 followed by Defexpo 2020.