Navy Frigate to Get New Electronic 'Brain'

  • (Source: UK Ministry of Defence)
  • 12:00 AM, January 15, 2009
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The Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose is to get a new electronic 'brain' which will help her crew defend the ship against air, surface and underwater threats.>> The Type 23 frigate has come into Babcock's dockyard for the 15m upkeep which will see a major capability upgrade for the ship with the first fitting of the Royal Navy's newest command system, DNA(2), which is based on the system being fitted to the Royal Navy's powerful new Type 45 destroyers.>> The command system is the ship's 'brain', central to the ship's fighting capability, providing the officers and crew with vital information from sensors and communications, allowing them to direct weapon engagements above, on and below the sea's surface.>> In addition, BAE Systems will install the Sea Wolf Mid Life Update, ensuring her missile system remains capable of meeting future threats, and she will be fitted with two upgraded small calibre guns. Twelve kilometres of cabling will be laid for the installation of a new IT system, bringing her systems in line with the common MOD network.>> Minister for Defence Equipment and Support Quentin Davies said:>> "This is a comprehensive upgrade to both Montrose's operational systems and her self-defence capability and represents a significant investment in the fleet. We work continually with industry to modernise equipment and provide the front line with the capabilities required.">> Defence Equipment and Support's Director of Surface Combatants, Commodore Graham Peach, said:>> "This docking period is an important milestone in our programme to develop a common command system across the fleet, starting with the Type 23 frigates. We have worked closely with the contractor, BAE Systems, to develop DNA(2) and its sister systems which will enable us to provide more efficient support to the fleet, simplify operator training and deliver cost savings in the long term as servicing is required.