Boeing Delivers Second P-8A MPA to UK Royal Air Force

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  • 05:19 AM, March 14, 2020
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Boeing Delivers Second P-8A MPA to UK Royal Air Force

The UK Royal Air Force has taken the delivery of its second P-8A maritime patrol aircraft from Boeing on Friday.

“Another significant step taken on our MPA journey. ZP802 'City of Elgin' landed at Kinloss just before 11am this morning doubling our Poseidon fleet,” the RAF posted on its official Twitter account.

Boeing Delivers Second P-8A MPA to UK Royal Air Force

The aircraft is the second of a new £3 billion programme, including the purchase of 9 Poseidon jets. All nine UK Poseidons will be delivered to the RAF by the end of 2021 and achieve full operational capability from RAF Lossiemouth in 2024. The aircraft will be flown initially by 120 Squadron, the leading anti-submarine warfare squadron in World War 2, with 201 Squadron joining the programme in due course.

The Poseidon will temporarily operate from Kinloss until October 2020 while £75 million of planned runway and taxiway resurfacing works is completed at Lossiemouth by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

Boeing Delivers Second P-8A MPA to UK Royal Air Force

The aircraft will protect the UK’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent and be central to NATO missions across the North Atlantic, co-operating closely with the US and Norwegian Poseidon fleets, RAF said.

The Poseidon is designed to carry out extended surveillance missions at high and low altitudes. The aircraft is equipped with sensors which use high-resolution area mapping to find both submarines and surface vessels.

Each aircraft carries sonobuoys which are dropped from the aircraft into the sea to search for enemy submarines, surveying the battlespace under the sea and relaying data back to the aircraft.

Poseidon will also be armed with Harpoon anti-surface ship missiles and Mk 54 torpedoes capable of attacking both surface and sub-surface targets.




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