Yemen Strikes Riyadh With Locally-made Drones, Ballistic Missiles

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  • 08:12 AM, March 30, 2020
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Yemen Strikes Riyadh With Locally-made Drones, Ballistic Missiles
Sammad-3 combat drone (image via local media)

Yemeni Armed Forces have claimed to have attacked “strategic and sensitive” targets in Riyadh with locally-built combat drones and ballistic missiles.

“Our Sammad-3 (Invincible-3) unmanned aerial vehicles and Zulfiqar short-range ballistic missiles struck designated targets in Riyadh last night with great precision,” Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e was quoted as saying by PressTV on Sunday afternoon.

He added that the Yemeni armed forces also “launched a barrage of Badr short-range ballistic missiles in addition to a squadron of Qasef-2k (Striker-2k) combat drones to pound economic and military sites in Saudi Arabia’s southern border regions of Jizan, Najran and Asir.”

Earlier in the day, Saudi state media reported that at least one ballistic missile and a rocket had been intercepted in the sky above Riyadh and the southern city of Jazan.

On March 26, Yemen’s Fater-1 air defense missile systems reportedly intercepted fighter jets belonging to Saudi-led coalition forces. “Yemeni Air Defenses managed to confront a combat formation consisting of a number of enemy warplanes over Surwah district of Marib governorate, with Fater-1 surface-to-air missile defense system, forcing them to leave without carrying out any attack,” Sare’e said last week.


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