Fifty Test COVID-19 Positive On-board French Aircraft Carrier

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  • 05:15 PM, April 10, 2020
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Fifty Test COVID-19 Positive On-board French Aircraft Carrier
Medical staff on board French Carrier 'Charles de Gaulle'

Fifty sailors and crew have been found positive for Covid-19 infection on board the French aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle,’ after a medical team from the army's health service was sent to the ship Wednesday.

Of the fifty positive cases from 66 tested, three sailors were evacuated by plane to be followed up in a hospital in France. The aircraft carrier continues on its way to Toulon naval base, an official release said.

The medical team arrived on the aircraft carrier on April 8. It is made up of two epidemiologist doctors, a biosecurity expert and a doctor in charge of the samples. The latter left the aircraft carrier on the evening of April 8 in order to analyze the samples taken.

Three doctors remained on board in order to carry out an epidemiological investigation to identify the contamination circuit and support the protocol to limit the spread of the virus.

These three sailors were evacuated by a NH90 Marine helicopter from Charles de Gaulle to Lisbon airport from where they were transferred to the Army Training Hospital (HIA) Sainte-Anne, in Toulon. This evacuation makes it possible to preserve the medical capacities of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle authorizing the care of sailors infected by the Covid-19, in particular in the event of changes in their health.

Pending the early return of the aircraft carrier to Toulon, in coordination with the recommendations of the epidemiological team, measures to strengthen the protection of the crew and limit the spread of the virus have been put in place. In particular, the wearing of a mask has been generalized to the entire crew.

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