Turkey’s Unmanned ‘Mini-Tank’ to Enter Serial Production

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  • 10:54 AM, May 11, 2020
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Turkey’s Unmanned ‘Mini-Tank’ to Enter Serial Production
ASELSAN's 'Mini-tank' armed unmanned ground vehicle: Image @ASELSAN via Twitter

An agreement for the mass production of Turkish-made armed unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), also called "mini-tanks" has been signed between the country’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) and ASELSAN company.

The armed UGVs will be delivered to the country's land forces as part of a project forged in collaboration between the SSB, ASELSAN and another Turkish company Katmerciler, SSB chief Ismail Demir said on the SSB’s Twitter account.

The remote-controlled, autonomous vehicles operate while giving off a very low thermal trail and come in electric and hybrid models. The vehicle, with its reinforced roaming systems and suspension, has superior performance in both off-road and road conditions.

“The project includes the development and mass production of UGVs, which perform reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection, mounts weapons systems and other systems needed. The vehicles can be commanded remotely and work autonomously with superior mobility,” he said.

The vehicles allow for stabilization in all driving conditions (including 60% inclines), have a high firing capacity, high speed and mobility, effective armor and a choice of weapon systems. Their advanced communication nodes allow for networking between satellite and other battle assets.

The platform can be configured for the use of  heavy and light weapons and connect with reconnaissance surveillance vehicles, patient transportation vehicles, cargo transportation vehicles, rocket platforms and amphibious landing vehicles.

The vehicle will be able to send information about its environment and the targets it has determined to central command, mapping the region and monitoring the environment while on patrol. Integrated into ASELSAN's Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon System (SARP), the vehicle will also be able to detect and destroy the target automatically.

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