Croatian army to procure 42 more Patria AMV by 2014

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  • 12:00 AM, January 23, 2009
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The Croatian MOD has signed a deal with Finnish company Patria for additional 42 armoured AMV 8x8 vehicles for the Croatian Army. The new contract is a supplement to the 2007 AMV agreement, signed by Patria and Djuro Djakovic Special Vehicles as Consortium partners as well as the Croatian Ministry of Defense covering 84 Patria AMVs. The recent deal was signed secretly end November by the Croatian government’s commission and Patria, thus ending months of negotiations between the MoD and the Finnish company. The AMVs will be armed with an automatic grenade launcher of 40 millimetres, Norwegian Kongsberg build remote weapon station of 12.7 and 30 millimetres and anti-aircraft missiles by a yet unknown producer. Some of the vehicles will be water-fast. Sixteen vehicles will additionally be equipped by rocket launchers of 122 millimetres about which negotiations are underway with the French Thales and Finnish Patria. The additional contract of the 42 armoured vehicle is estimated to be worth €68 million. All armoured vehicles are expected to be delivered in the coming five years. Besides Croatia also the Polish, Finnish, Slovenian, South African and United Arab Emirates’ armies have ordered the Finnish AMV 8x8. Some 1200 such vehicles are contracted and several hundreds of them already delivered. Four more armoured combat vehicles are to be expected from Finland, while the other ordered AMVs would be produced in Croatia.
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