Elbit Systems Gets Contract for Secure Underwater Acoustic Communication

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  • 02:13 PM, June 3, 2020
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Elbit Systems Gets Contract for Secure Underwater Acoustic Communication
C-Bass towed body projector configuration used in an LRAM system

Elbit Systems' subsidiary GeoSpectrum Technologies will supply its secure underwater acoustic communications system that makes use of sound waves rather than the more popular electrical impulses.

The contract with an undisclosed 'western' nation is for the Long-Range Acoustic Messaging (LRAM) system that can transmit signals over thousands of kilometres underwater.

According to a company press release, LRAM equipment were delivered to the Canadian government recently.

It is designed to send acoustically encoded tactical messages from a user-controlled station to a submerged submarine or other underwater asset. Two-way communication can also be provided.

The LRAM system provides the capability to covertly communicate with a submarine on an as-needed basis without requiring the submarine to be at periscopic depth. Such communication can be vital for tactical comms with the submarine (mission re-tasking, target cuing, Blue-on-Blue prevention, etc.) or enhancing submarine safety by routine monitoring and handling of distress situations.

Communication can be in diverse topologies from a ship or off-shore site directly to the submarine direct water-to-water or from a command station using an acoustic link on an expendable buoy, USV or manned vessel.

The system configurations support strategic communication through long ranges applying GeoSpectrum’s Very Low Frequency (VLF) source as well as tactical communication for up to hundreds of kilometres using Low Frequency (LF) sources. Also, it can provide a means for reliable and secure remote acoustic activation or communications with Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) and divers.