Chinese Army Conducts Troop Transport Exercise Amid Border Tensions with India

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  • 11:19 AM, June 7, 2020
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Chinese Army Conducts Troop Transport Exercise Amid Border Tensions with India
PLA's light tanks transportation

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently transported thousands of paratroopers and armored vehicles to the country's high-altitude northwest from Central China in an operation to mimic large-scale paratroop mobility to the Indo-China border.

“The exercise showed that the PLA has the capability to project its power anywhere in China very quickly and send reinforcements to remote locations with harsh environments, including high elevation,” China Central TV (CCTV) said in a report Saturday.

“The mobilization operation came at a time when China and India face a new wave of tensions due to high altitude border issues, as reports say both sides have reinforced their border defenses,” state-owned  Global  Times said commenting on the CCTV report.

The entire process was completed in just a few hours, demonstrating China's capability of quickly reinforcing border defenses when necessary, it said.

"This maneuver mission saw significant breakthroughs not only in the scale of mobilized troops but also means of transportation," CCTV said quoting Major Colonel Mao Lei, head of the training department at the airborne brigade.

Meanwhile the Indian Ministry of External Affairs released a statement stating that talks between Indian and Chinese military officers held yesterday “took place in cordial and peaceful atmosphere.”

Several Indian media reports quoting  sources stated that  India had sought restoration of status quo as of April 2020, before the faceoff at Pangong Lake triggered an escalation in Ladakh. India also asked China to reduce their mobilisation near the Galwan valley and that the troops must be sent to their original location.

The official comment of the Chinese side to the talks is awaited.

Chinese Army Conducts Troop Transport Exercise Amid Border Tensions with India
Chinese tanks in firing exercise
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