Boeing Australia to Share Loyal Wingman System Design with UK

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  • 06:01 AM, June 9, 2020
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Boeing Australia to Share Loyal Wingman System Design with UK
Loyal Wingman drone

Boeing Australia on Tuesday said it will share Loyal Wingman (Boeing Airpower Teaming System) design material with the United Kingdom.

“We have secured a first-of-type permit from the Australian Government and Department of Defense that will enable us to share critical Airpower Teaming System design material with the United Kingdom,” Boeing said in a Twitter post.

The 38-foot (11.7-meter) Loyal Wingman drone is designed to use artificial intelligence (AI) in teaming with other manned and unmanned platforms.

Fuselage structural assembly of the first Loyal Wingman was completed in February. On May 5, Boeing presented the aircraft to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The stealthy Loyal Wingman is expected to complete first flight this year.

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