Fire Abroad French Nuclear Submarine; Reactor, Personnel Safe

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  • 03:00 PM, June 12, 2020
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Fire Abroad French Nuclear Submarine; Reactor, Personnel Safe
Smoke seen from Toulon Naval port

A fire broke out abroad French nuclear submarine, Perle which was undergoing deep maintenance in the Mediterranean port of Toulon.

“Last night, fire aboard the Perle submarine was extinguished at 12:50 a.m., after more than 14 hours of a fight that mobilized a hundred firefighters and over 150 people supporting the operation. Thanks to them,” French defense minister Florence Parly tweeted Saturday.

The nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel and torpedoes/missiles had been removed from the vessel some months ago to facilitate the renovation work and no personnel were on board. All maintenance personnel abroad were evacuated by Friday afternoon.

Fire Abroad French Nuclear Submarine; Reactor, Personnel Safe

Images published on social media showed smoke rising from the port. The French MoD confirmed the incident in a statement and said the fire started at 1035 on Friday.

The ‘Perle’ is part of France's six Ruby-class nuclear submarines and entered service in 1993.

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