French Army to receive 100 Arquus VT4 Standard 2 Vehicles

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  • 06:28 AM, June 17, 2020
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French Army to receive 100 Arquus VT4 Standard 2 Vehicles
Arquus VT4 Standard 2 vehicle

The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has received 100 new Arquus VT4 vehicles in Standard 2 vehicles which will be handed over to the Army soon.

“Vehicle deliveries VT4 continue. The DGA received a 3rd batch of 100 4x4 tactical vehicles in standard 2.2 and authorized its delivery to French Army (Armée de terre), bringing the number of VT4s already delivered in 2020 to 300,” DGA said in a tweet on June 16.

France plans to induct 3,700 Arquus VT4 vehicles by 2025. The vehicles will replace the Army’s obsolete Peugeot P4 off-road vehicle fleet in service since 1980s.

French Army to receive 100 Arquus VT4 Standard 2 Vehicles

Arquus received an order to supply 500 Standard 1 VT4s to the French Army as part of the Scorpion programme in December 2016. Two years later, the company signed a contract with DGA for the delivery of 1,200 new Standard 2 vehicles. The deal also includes maintenance in operational condition (MCO) with a fixed-price support package, ensuring 95% technical-operational readiness for 14 years.

VT4 is a mission-specific version of the Arquus Trapper light armored vehicle. The VT4 is a 4x4, non-armored, light and versatile vehicle, designed for command post and liaison missions. It can accommodate 5 soldiers or 4 FELIN system-equipped operators. With its payload of up to 900kg, it is designed for homeland operations (Sentinelle, training, liaison), and for foreign operations in low-threat regions.

The VT4 Standard 1 configuration comes with a base package of the Standard 2 specifications, while the Standard 2 version is installed with a pre-equipment package allowing for the integration of modern communication systems and other mission-specific equipment required for overseas deployments.

According to the company, the Standard 2 vehicle incorporates 350 new features along with advanced capabilities compared to Standard 1 including integration of modern communication and positioning systems, extra racks, towing equipment, and blackout lights. The VT4 Standard 2 is also designed to be air-transportable, in order to grant it extra tactical capabilities.

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