German MoD Signs 4.6Bn euro Contract to Buy 4 MKS-180 Combat Ships

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  • 09:41 AM, June 22, 2020
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German MoD Signs 4.6Bn euro Contract to Buy 4 MKS-180 Combat Ships
MKS-180 Combat Ship Illustration

Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) on June 19 placed an order with Damen Shipyards for the construction of four MKS-180 frigates for the German Navy.

Damen is the main contractor for this complex project which it is undertaking, together with partners Blohm+Voss and Thales, in Germany.

On 17 June, the necessary financial resources were released by the German Bundestag budget committee. The contract marks the start of the design and construction phase.

The implementation of the project will begin soon and involves the delivery of four frigates between 2027 and 2031 for an amount of approximately 4.6 billion euros. There is also an option to supply two more frigates after 2032.

The MKS 180 (Mehrzweckkampfschiff 180, Multi-Purpose Combat Ship) frigate is capable of being equipped with different installation modules designed for specific military missions. The MKS 180 frigates will be around 155 meters long with a maximum displacement of 9,000 tons.

The Navy’s operational F125 Baden-Württemberg class frigates are five meters shorter and almost 2,000 tons smaller. The MKS multi-purpose combat ship will take on some features from the Baden-Württemberg class frigates including automation and low maintenance of the technical systems, as well as the multi-crew concept. This will allow these new ships to remain in the area of ​​operation for up to two years, while the roughly 110-strong crew rotates every four months.

The vessels will have a permanent crew of 110 personnel and will have the capability to embark on 70 additional personnel who specialize in the mission modules. The vessels are intended to have a service life of 30 years.

German MoD Signs 4.6Bn euro Contract to Buy 4 MKS-180 Combat Ships
MKS multi-purpose combat ships
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