Three Computers of China Airlines Airbus A330 Fail, Pilots Land plane Manually

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  • 02:55 PM, July 6, 2020
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Three Computers of China Airlines Airbus A330 Fail, Pilots Land plane Manually
Airbus A330-300

Pilots of China Airlines (CAL) Airbus A330-300 managed to land the airplane safely in Taipei even after three of its computer systems lost power simultaneously and failed.

On June 14, the airplane was landing during rainy weather at the end of a flight from Shanghai’s Pudong when the thrust reverser, automatic braking, and speed-brake panel systems all failed to work.

The pilots switched to manual braking to land the plane at which ultimately came to a halt just 9 meters from the end of the runway at Songshan Airport, reports said. The total runway length was 2600 meters.

None of the passengers were injured in the unfortunate incident.

Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is allegedly asking Airbus A330 pilots to consider the possibility of manual landing in the event of bad weather. If the airport does not allow sufficient distance for manual landing, the pilot should consider finding an alternative airport.

On May 22, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A320 airliner, PIA PK-8303, crashed into a congested residential area 5km short of Karachi international airport, killing 97 people on board.

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