Russia seeks to Establish Military Bases in 6 African Nations

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  • 06:31 PM, August 4, 2020
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Russia seeks to Establish Military Bases in 6 African Nations
An African Nation's Delegate at Russia-Africa summit, Sochi

Russia has sought permission to establish military bases in 6 African countries- Egypt, the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Sudan.

Germany’s Bild newspaper reported quoting German Foreign Ministry documents on August 4, that Russia had concluded military cooperation agreements with 21 African countries since 2015, while it had cooperation agreements with only four countries in Africa before that date.

The report said that Russia sometimes formally and sometimes secretly trained the forces of those countries.

The report further stated that Russia not only sends its offers for training but also invites soldiers of African nations to train in its facilities. It also actively operates there through security companies such as Wagner, despite Moscow's denial on this issue.

According to German experts, Moscow aims, through the forces of Russian security companies, to achieve political, economic and military gains in Africa.

Russia elbowed its way into the Syrian conflict in 2015 and established an air base and a naval base in that country. These bases are considered crucial in eliminating Islamic State terrorists and re-establishing the writ of the Assad regime there.

During October 2019, at the first Russia-Africa summit in Sochi more than 3,000 delegates from across Russia and Africa participated. All 54 African states sent a representative to the meeting, including 43 heads of state or government, according to Kremlin advisor Yuri Ushakov.

"We currently export to Africa $25 billion worth of food — which is more than we export in arms, at $15 billion. In the next four to five years I think we should be able to double this trade, at least," Putin had said at the summit inaugural.

The grounds of the Summit event was filled with stalls of Russian arms firms.

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